>Nigel Farage re-wins UKIP leadership


Nigel Farage at Lord's cricket ground, London,...                             Image via Wikipedia

Nigel Farage MEP has won the only leadership contest more boring than Labour’s, and become the leader of UKIP once again. This is mainly because he is the only member of UKIP that anybody, including its members, have heard of. The party’s website says it will be announced at 4pm, but frankly it could have been announced four weeks ago, seeing as once Farage’s name was in the ring that was the end of it. After a poor General Election it will be interesting to see if Farage can lead his right-wing misfits to electoral success in the upcoming local elections (the party are even more of an irrelevance in Scotland and Wales than in England). 

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2 Comments to “>Nigel Farage re-wins UKIP leadership”

  1. >Good man Nigel at least he stand up for our country and as for right-wing misfits we have a government and the totally undemocratic EU full of right misfit cranks. S.Shukla

  2. >How can you be a member of a party than sell out in order to get into power ? you know very well nobody gonna elect the Lib Dems.It is quite obvious that you have no idea when it comes to politics

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