>The real Parliament Square Protest

>Protesting at Parliament Square has always been an integral part of British democracy. In recent years and months it has become the scene of a so called ‘peace camp’, in protest at the invasion in Iraq, and Britain’s on going military presence in Afghanistan. Or so it’s inhabitants claim.

Yes, it seems that the anti-Israel lobby have hijacked yet another legitimate issue. They seem to want to support the lovely states of Iran and Syria too:

How bizarre that people who want peace and legitimate government support the regimes in Tehran in Damascus. 

It is deeply worrying that this sentiment has wormed its way into, and associated itself with, legitimate questioning of British military action. It seems all too often that that the anti-Israel movements uses other things as a front for its cause.

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2 Comments to “>The real Parliament Square Protest”

  1. >Uh, surely there's a difference between "supporting the regimes in Tehran and Damascus" and campaigning against the catastrophic loss of life that would ensue if Western nations attacked Iran or Syria?There was certainly talk from Blair/Bush of military action against these countries, and although less likely under Obama/Cameron, such talk still persists. Whether you support Israel FC or Palestine United (false dichotomy in the first place), it is right to campaign against such ideas, as attacking Iran would make Iraq and Afghanistan combined look like a Polly Pocket convention.

  2. >It is a strawman though. No-one of import is genuinely suggesting we should invade Iran or Syria. It is also a bit worrying that the protestors wish to say no to some theoretical attack out of hand, there are various events that could lead to legitimate invasions of either country (and, conversely, to legitimate invasions of Britain) – War is the last resort of civilised nations, but it does remain as a method of control to be used by humanity to curb the great wrongs in our world society. I might start my own protest – 'No invasion of Turkmenistan by Fiji except in events covered by specific UN guidelines or general principles of international law or by the consensus of the international community if its an event that is a bit far fetched and isn't really covered either way.' Think it will catch on?

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