>Amateur act from Chuka Umunna in Treasury Select Committee


George Osborne is this morning in front of the Treasury Select Committee to give evidence on the recent Comprehensive Spending Review. The committee is made up of MPs from across the House, and all get to  have their chance to grill the Chancellor. Labour newbie Chuka Ummunna sits on the committee, and chose to question the Chancellor about the proposed changes to child benefit. This is a perfectly legitimate, if slightly misguided, line of questioning. Or at least it was until Mr Umunna decided to get personal with with Chancellor, asking ‘how will this change effect your life Mr Chancellor?’ Osborne answered that, by definition, it meant his wife would the child benefit they claim for their two children. Seemingly unable to contain himself Ummuna smugly interject ‘and that will effect your life will it’? 

Pretty amateurish behaviour, given that select committees are about robustly questioning those in front of the committee, not scoring cheap partisan points because you know the hearing is being streamed live. The committee will not have gained any more information on the process or impact of the CSR from his approach. It is more worrying that this man,  darling of the so called ‘New Generation,’ is now a Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Leader of the Opposition. No wonder his party is in such a mess. 


2 Comments to “>Amateur act from Chuka Umunna in Treasury Select Committee”

  1. >I think it's a perfectly valid point. A criticism of the government that dates back to opposition was that the central cabal came from a similar, unrepresentative background, and that even within the Tories, dissenting opinion on financial policy was ignored based on class background. Regarding Umunna, Osbourne shrugged off the previous question about a lack of means-testing dissuading people from working overtime because it didn't seem important to him – do you think he'd be quite so casual if he had any first or even second-hand experience of working long hours out of necessity?

  2. >Umunna was really out of his depth. like Ed Miliband he is overrated and his tactics of going for cheap sound bites echo Miliband's recent efforts at pmqs. Labour it seems are in trouble and making all the wrong choices…

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