>If the cuts are idealogical, what does that make the strikes?


London is about to enter into rush hour, after another day of public transport chaos caused by Bob Crow and his odious cronies. The RMT union he leads has once again called a tube strike, inflicting inconvenience and dangerous conditions on thousands of commuters. All led by the friend of the worker who sits comfortably in his union funded ivory tower.

Crow’s comrades like to claim that the government’s deficit reduction measures are idealogical, nothing more than a determination to see a smaller state. There is though no act more brazenly ideological, more brazenly political, than these strikes. Whatever Crow says, they are not about worker’s safety or working conditions. The RMT have just picked an issue, any issue, to have a go at a Conservative led government, and the unaccountable tyrants of the trade union movement continue to hold the UK’s great cities to ransom.

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One Comment to “>If the cuts are idealogical, what does that make the strikes?”

  1. >In what way are trade union leaders unaccountable? They're elected by their members. I'm also not sure what's sinister about the head of the RMT being paid by, er, the RMT. He's pretty well paid, but his salary is voted on by the people paying towards it so again I'm not clear on where the villainy kicks in. (It's also a bit weird to see an Orange Book type going on the rampage about a high salary for a private employee.)

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