>Nobody likes control orders, they don’t work, so how can they stay?

> It is becoming increasingly clear that the next big row facing the coalition is control orders, the legislation brought in by Labour to control terror suspects they could not bring to trial. The drum for them to go is being banged by former Shadow Home Secretary David Davies, who told the BBC that 25 Lib Dems and at least that many Conservatives would vote against the illiberal measure being retained.

How bizarre that a coalition that prides itself on the restoration of civil liberties, and did so well to promptly scrap ID cards, should get itself into a mess over this issue. This should have been another win for liberalism and rational decision making,

This weekend’s frightening reminder of the threat of terrorism should not divert the Government from doing the right thing. Removing control orders does not make Britain weak on terrorism, because the don’t work. Along with Davies’ comments, the BBC also reports that the man in charge of the review, Lord Macdonald, has told the Home Secretary that he will publicly denounce the retention of control orders, as clear an indication as any that they are the wrong policy.

Control orders are one of the last vestiges of the authoritarian Labour government, and should have been thrown out along with the party that brought them in.


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