>Stripping the Week 25-29 October 2010

>This week Boris and Dave’s high school scrap continued in public, with the Mayor of London making a right old Eton mess of the Government’s controversial announcement to cap housing benefit. In a strange development that must have something to do with it being Halloween on Sunday, his ‘Kosovo’ comments were backed up by shrieking Goddess of the Guardian Polly Toynbee. Deciding that Labourites using the phrase ‘social cleansing’ was not quite good enough, she described the proposals as a ‘final solution’ for the poor. She has since apologised for her foulness, blaming ‘a slip of the pen’… This is of course a totally cop out given that the joy of the written word is you can write it, walk away from it, check it, and make decisions stop yourself looking liking a fool.

The other big row Cam had was in the EU. He wanted a freeze to it’s budget. Others wanted a 6% rise. The rise will be 2.9%, so Cam says he has done well.

The PM had less of a row in PMQs, as all he had to do to defeat the out-of-his-depth Ed Miliband was read out a leaked internal memo on how Ed should behave in the weekly dual. Miliband was, of course, following it to the letter.

The normally popular London fire brigade put themselves in direct conflict with the public this week, voting to strike on bonfire night. As far as VN can tell this is the type of poor leadership normally seen at student’s unions, not those representing workers in key public sector services, and will do nothing to further their cause.

No Champions League football this week, but the Carling Cup returned. Arsenal got through against Newcastle, with the help of a dodge own goal, and the referee’s decision to allow Bendtner to pull off an American Football style body check on a retreating defender. Under pressure Man Utd also got through after a tough second half against Wolves, while Aston Villa and West Ham were forced to navigate extra-time to take their place in the quarter finals. The sponsors will be desperate for the Arsenal and Manchester United to keep going all the way to Wembley.

Listening to this week: Various Artists – Hospital Mix 7 (mixed by Danny Byrd)
Reading this week: Time Magazine – Fascinating cover story on the American Dream
Watching this week: The West Wing complete box set

Hero of the week: Armin Van Buuren – The trance superstar retained his number 1 DJ in the world status in a poll released this week.
Villain of the week: Polly Toynbee – We all know the rule about using the Holocaust in your argument, and Toynbee disgracefully won this weeks race to the bottom.

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