>Lib Dem Party President Campaign Videos

>Regular readers will know that VN endorsed Tim Farron quite early on in the Lib Dem Party President protest. Nothing so far in the campaigns has done anything to change that opinion, least of all the campaign videos that each candidate has released.

VN is aware of who put together Tim Farron’s videos. This particular individual seems to have an obsession with having their subject ‘walk and talk,’ (note the video that started the ‘Yes’ to AV rally’. VN is just thankful there is no take-away coffee cup this time.) There are also a couple of dodgy cuts, but this doesn’t detract from Farron, who is class at articulating his message. He drifts seamlessly from top- rate media performer to man-of-the-people, and summarises perfectly why his skill set is so relevant for the role he is seeking. Any undecided voter could not fail to be engaged and impressed by his performance.

Susan Kramer has released this offering:

Not even in widescreen, this side of the campaign was clearly not a priority for the Kramer Kamp, and that really is not good enough for someone seeking a role representing the parties grassroots. The simply talking into the camera trick is worse than the ‘walk and talk’ approach, and gives the impression of being done in a spare five minutes.

In terms of hits it’s a landslide victory for Farron: 3,551 to 256. Pretty damning, even though his video has been out longer.

For London readers, the fabulous Helen Duffett will be chairing a hustings event between the two next Wednesday.


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