>The beast gets prodded at PMQs

>It was always going to happen. Having proved he is not utterly useless in his first performances, Ed Miliband received the wrath of Prime Minister David Cameron today at Prime Ministers Questions. Having jumped enthusiastically to his feet to slam the Government on cutting peoples’ jobs, the PM calmly reeled off a letter in the Times giving advice to Ed on how to deal with the hornets nest of PMQs. It turned out Ed had followed the advice entirely, and the cheers soon died in in the throats of the baying Labour MPs behind him. Cameron finished off the Leader of the Opposition by declaring he ‘might have a plan for PMQs, but he doesn’t have one for the economy’, before dismissing him as having ‘nothing to say’. Ed may not have been as bad as we all thought, but he still has much to learn.

The questions from the backbenchers revealed little new, with Labour MPs picking examples of cuts from their constituencies, and Cameron reiterating that the Government are making ‘difficult decisions’. It was pleasing that Dr Julian Huppert reiterated the priority of restoring civil liberties. The two rows clearly brewing are those on housing benefit, with Lib Dems Simon Hughes and Bob Russell particularly unhappy, and defence spending in Scotland, with the SNP leading the charge. The latter has the possibility of being more damaging with upcoming elections in Scotland.

Labour’s leaked memo about the cuts, and positive growth figures  were Cameron’s aces today, but so was the fact that both the Leader of the Opposition and the Labour backbenchers refuse to give an alternative. Until they do so, Cameron’s facts and figures will continue to edge out Ed Miliband’s rhetoric.


2 Comments to “>The beast gets prodded at PMQs”

  1. >Yes well you are bound to think that, but it is rather sad to see Lib Dems supporting a package of cuts that will force decent people/families into having to up sticks and move to another area just so they can live. This sort of thing will lead to chaos and despair. Is this really what Lib Dems stand for or have I and so many others totally misunderstood this party for so many years. What will you do when someone who has been out of work for more than a year and is having to move home, asks you for help?

  2. >Unless the LibDems can find way to finesse the facts on the ground in the housing benefit situation, they will lose this 'battle'. Badly.As they should.You cannot keep rattling on about 'fairness' when it is patently unfair on the face of it that someone who has no job,and no income, is allowed(not to say 'encouraged') to live 'comfortably' in areas that others, who might be classed as the 'deserving poor' have absolutely no hope of EVER living in, because they simply can't afford to do so. The State is playing favourites and worse than that it's entirely the wrong favourites.I'm all for a fair and compassionate policy in this area but that's just STUPID. I look forward to how this circle can be squared as two conflicting 'rights' but heads. Since you can't do it by simply throwing money around anymore, what IS the solution ?

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