>Skins USA trailer launched


Skins (TV series)Image via Wikipedia

VN was delighted to hear that the filming of Skins series 5 was well underway,  and reported that the American version was nearly good to go too. The programme will be broadcast by MTV, and the creator of the British version, Bryan Elsley, is in charge of this new offshoot. MTV have recently started releasing trailers:

What made the original UK version so brilliant is that it touched on characters and characteristics that our uniquely British. Elsley has compiled an all American writing team for the Skins trip across the Atlantic, and it looks like a lot of the stories will be based around those originally aired in the UK. Will American viewers tolerate the more, uhum, gritty, scenes that made the programme so groundbreaking in the UK? VN suspects that American’s will have never seen anything like it, and that those of us used to the original episodes will be somewhat unimpressed at the inevitable watering down that will take place.

Skins USA will broadcast from January 2011.

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