>Firefighter’s union prepared to leave London burning to strike on bonfire night


The unions have been building up for a good old strike ever since it became clear their puppets in the Labour party were not going to hold on to power at the General Election. Bob Crow and his cronies couldn’t wait to get in on the action, but Londoners have come to expect nothing less and have learned to accommodate. 

The same cannot be said of the Fire Brigade. Firefighters are rightly held in high regard across the country,  but the news that the Fire Brigades Union has decided to call a strike in London on November 5th, bonfire night, has been greeted with anger and anguish. Of all the public sector, firefighters can often be relied on to keep the support of the public the longest, but this course of action on their busiest night of the year will severely jeopardise that, and continues the trend of increasingly reckless and militant union behaviour.

The row surrounds new contracts for firefighters, on which they will be re-employed on worse terms. Those that don’t sign the contracts have been threatened with losing their job. Reasonable grounds for disquiet from a union, but nothing justifies the dangerous course of action the FBU ballot decided on.

Let’s hope that a compromise can be resolved so that the brave members of Fire Brigade receive the pay and conditions they deserve, and their union doesn’t lead them into leaving London burning this bonfire night.

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