>Nick Clegg on Desert Island Discs


The final note has just rung out of Deputy PM Nick Clegg’s song choice on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs. First of all these are his song choices: 

Waltz in A Minor – Chopin (played by Idil Biret)
Sunday Morning Coming Down – Johnny Cash
The Cross – Prince
Petit Pays – Cesaria Evora
Street Spirit – Radiohead
Life on Mars – David Bowie
Waka Waka – Shakira (theme to the 2010 World Cup) 
Impromptu No.3 in G Flat Major – Schubert (played by Alfred Brendel)

Although much planning goes into these types of media appearances, Clegg came over quite naturally and relatively relaxed. There were a few sticky moments, inevitably, when presenter Kirsty Young mentioned the recent CSR and tuition fees.

Clegg described enjoying the process of sitting listening to music, surrounded by CDs, in order to make his choices, and asked for cigarettes as his guilty pleasure. With the exception of Shakira’s theme to the 2010 World Cup, all his music choices are credible, if not particularly original. 

Unashamedly middle class, the stories of his childhood will have done little to endear him to those who already consider him a ‘pale Tory’. However, he doesn’t pretend to be something he is not, and says his privileged upbringing makes him more determined to help people improve their life chances.The main thing that came across though was his absolute devotion to his wife Miriam and their three children. Clegg doesn’t speak of his wife in the same sickly way politicians often patronisingly refer the their better halves, he wouldn’t dare! He seems to have not only genuine admiration for her, but it seems he still can’t quite believe his luck that he is married to such a women! 

Warning though, if you listen to the programme you will have that damned Shakira song in your head for the foreseeable future…


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