>Johnson promotes a new way, but very little policy


The Shadow Chancellor  Alan Johnson today made his first major address in the role, ahead of the Spending Review on Wednesday. Mr. Johnson was a surprise choice for the job, ahead of more qualified candidates Yvette Cooper and Ed Balls, and joked he would have to do a lot of reading up. Well the clip looks like he was doing the reading during the course of his speech. He reels off a few numbers to show how evil and misguided the Coalition are, but only really proposes a further levy on the banks. Hardly a genuine alternative.

Meanwhile, Chancellor George Osborne’s agenda received a boost as a number of businessman, including the former Labour supporting boss of Carphone Warehouse, backed his measures in an open letter in todays Daily Telegraph. However, those in smaller businesses still remain nervous that on the back of the Spending Review growth will not come quick enough to boost them.

Wednesday is undoubtedly D-Day for the Coalition. George Osborne may reiterate his insistence to ‘see the plan through’, but it will be hard when people start losing their jobs. Labour though seem to still be stuck on a fantasy island, where a massive budget deficit is not damaging to a modern economy. They will remain there until Johnson finishes his homework and puts forward a full economic plan.

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