>Stripping the Week 11-15th October 2010

>This week there is really only one story. The successful rescue of the Chilean miners who had been stuck underground for 69 days had the whole world gripped. For once rolling news was dominated by a happy story, as the worlds media descended on Camp Hope, next to the San Jose copper and gold mine. Three miners emerged with fiancees, and one with a new grandchild. They were all greeted by Chilean officials, their families, and huge amounts of cheering. The story is one of truly magnificent human endurance by the miners, and ingenuity by the rescuers. All are sad to be in remarkably good health, save for a few dental emergencies, and Chile can be proud of the open and effective way it saved it’s citizens.

In politics, students made their voice heard this week as Lord Browne released his review into Higher Education funding. The proposed scrapping of the cap on fees proved too much for many Lib Dem members, whose MPs found themselves stuck between the rock of Labour’s budget deficit, and a hard place of having signed the NUS pledge to not raise tuition fees.

The week wasn’t much better for Dennis Macshane MP, who found himself turned over to the police on account of his expenses. The VN legal team would like to point out that nothing has been proven against Mr Macshane as yet, nor Lib Dem Mike Hancock, whose conduct still continues to be the subject of investigation, rumour and discussion.

Ed Miliband certainly had the best week of all the three party leaders. He managed to stand toe to toe with an off-form David Cameron in Prime Minister’s questions debut, and even caught the PM a bit on child benefit, accusing him of not giving straight answers. Someone though clearly forgot to tell Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude that we are approaching Halloween, no Guy Fawkes night, as he joyously lit his ‘bonfire of the quangos’, removing nearly 200 such organisations.

Away from Westminster, England continued to flop as they drew 0-0 with Montenegro. The worst thing about the current state of English international football is that nobody really cares anymore. There will always be enough die hards to fill a radio phone-in programme, but the apathy of football fans towards their national team increases with every half-baked ‘performance’. Luckily, the Premier League returns tomorrow, and the Champions League recommences on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Unlike England, Liverpool can begin to look forward. The saga around the clubs sale has come to an end after a series of court cases both sides of the Atlantic. The new owners are New England Sports Ventures, who also own the illustrious Boston Red Sox baseball team.

Listening to this week: ‘Moving with You’ by Netsky ft. Jenna G (Hospital)
Reading this week: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Steig Larsson
Watching this week: The Apprentice,  and Lip Service (both on the BBC)

Hero of the week : The Chilean engineers who saved all 33 mine, and Karen Brady who laid the law down to her pathetic female proteges.
Villain of the week: Fabio Capello, who continues to watch the England football team descend into farce. 

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