>Phil Woolas goes from the dock to the front bench

>The appointment of the Shadow Ministerial team has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous as Phil Woolas has returns, as a Shadow Minister for the Home Office. Yes, the same Phil Woolas who has just stood in the dock of a special election court on account of his racist campaign literature will continue to be involved in a portfolio that deals directly with immigration and hate-crime law. The decision is so poor it is actually funny.

Woolas’ infamous elcetion leaflet

This appointment of Woolas to the Shadow Home Department team shows a staggering lack of judgement by new Labour leader Ed Miliband and his advisors. How can a man tainted by accusations of racism Shadow the Home Office? How can you appoint someone to such an important position when there is the distinct possibility that they will not be an MP for much longer? Frankly it also shows an unbelievable level of arrogance and lack of political nouse from Woolas himself. Accepting the role is in utter defiance of those he offended during the General Election campaign. No doubt this will be spun as  faith in a team member on the part of the leader , and belief in his own innocence on the part of Woolas, but it is a bad decision, pure and simple.


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