>What happened to the ‘New Generation’?

>The 19 people in Labour’s new Shadow Cabinet have been elected. Except it’s not all that new at all. Every single member of Ed Miliband’s Shadow Cabinet served in Gordon Brown’s Government. 14 were MPs during the Iraq vote, 12 of them voting to support the military action. All voted for the introduction of ID cards.

Ed Miliband’s conference speech promised us optimism, and change (obviously). But he has a Shadow Cabinet that is wedded to  the unlucky 13 of Labour’s previous years in Government. Miliband wrote the last manifesto, Douglas Alexander who is now in the Shadow Cabinet was the party’s election co-ordinator. They helped lead Labour to huge electoral defeat. Chuck in arch Blairite Tessa Jowell, key Brown ally Ed Balls, and Liam ‘there’s no money left’ Byrne and you have fun for all the family. Quite literally in Ed Balls’ case.

The teams portfolios will be announced later today, but the claim that Labour is a new, revitalised party already looks ridiculous, just days after the new Leader was elected.


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