>Mark Zuckerberg is latest Simpsons cameo character

>Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, not content with the publicity from his huge donation announced on Oprah, has appeared as a character in the Simpsons in America. 

Picture from Radio 1/Newsbeat

Of course this appearance is just a mere coincidence, given that the film based on his story, ‘The Social Network,’ is coming out this week… Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t even like the film…uhum. 

UK audiences’ will have to wait to see the episode, but his appearance only lasted a minute, and involved him meeting Lisa and Nelson at an entrepreneurial fair.  When Lisa asks him to explain how staying on in higher education helped him succeed, he tells her he dropped out of Harvard University.
Nelson responds “Better earnin’ than learnin’!”
“Hell yeah!” declares Zuckerberg. “I’ll get the best kind of degree – honorary, baby.” 

Nicely self deprecating, but perhaps a little knowingly so?! Either way, ‘The Social Network’ is out on 15th October, and VN will be at the front of the queue to see what all the fuss is about.


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