>Tory Press Office take on Guido, live online

>Tory Press HQ and their official twitter account have entered into an online row with Guido Fawkes. Now once again it looks like Guido is causing trouble because he didn’t feel he was getting enough attention this conference season, but it shows a staggering lack of judgement from the Conservative Press Office to take him on in public.

The row centres around previous Guido target William Hague’s decision to pull out of an on-stage interview with Telegraph journalist Peter Oborne. He will be replaced by Education Secretary Michael Gove. Both Guido and the press office seem to be talking about the same event, but there appear  to be two invitations. Soon after Guido tweeted that Hague had pulled out, Tory Press HQ tweeted a picture of this invite, on which Gove is clearly billed as the speaker:

@guidofawkes seems to have a different invite to us on Twitpic

However, below is a picture Guido claims is the original invite, with Hague as the speaker:

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Whoever is right, it was really poor of a press office to take on a figure such as Guido when he was on home turf. Although it was nice to see someone taking on the plotter and his personal attacks on a senior cabinet minister, all is currently quiet on the western front…for now.

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