>Missing: Chris Grayling MP, if found please return to CCHQ

>Has anyone actually seen Chris Grayling in, well, months really. No, didn’t think so.

Since his ridiculous comments about gay couples not sharing rooms in B&B’s prior to the election he has done a disappearing act that Oliver Letwin would be proud of. This has become particularly noticeable in the last few days, when the discussion has been about child benefit, but as the Under Secretary of State for Work and Pensions he has hardly appeared.

In fact they even go David Davis on the Daily Politics to discuss changes to child benefit not Grayling:

So if you do see him, let someone at CCHQ know, although they are probably not missing him all that much.

2 Comments to “>Missing: Chris Grayling MP, if found please return to CCHQ”

  1. >Erm, he was frequently in the House of Commons at the dispatch box speaking on the issue, and more recently, as in, this afternoon, was in a panel discussion on — guess what? — benefits and welfare during their conference.

  2. >Its a universal truth that if you want something hidden, say it in the Chamber of the House of Commons

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