>How can Labour genuinely argue against Osborne’s child benefit cut?

>As expected, the Chancellor George Osborne announced the end of universal child benefit in his speech to Conservative Party conference today. Those earning over £44K a year will no longer receive the payments from 2013. 

If you consider monitoring the Twitterspehre as a good way of measuring opinion, the Labour trolls seem to be out in force. Clearly cutting any kind of benefit is deeply unpleasant, but how can a left-wing party make a genuine argument against the benefits for the better-off being reduced in order to protect those of the less well off? There is the issue of combined salaries; a couple could earn £43k each, a combined total of £86k, but could still claim child benefit. A single parent on £45k could not. However, in a benefit system that under Labour nearly drowned in complexity, this seems the most efficient and effective way of protecting benefits for those that need them most.

Politicians can believe in a less domineering state, but very few come into politics to hack up benefits and make people worse off. Stopping the poor paying for the benefits of the better off can hardly be considered some Thatcherite idealogical cut, which is how many have tried to characterise the Coalition’s deficit reduction plan. Today’s proposal from the Chancellor shows that the Coalition are making difficult decisions in a fair way, that also cuts through the complex bureaucracy that put so many off claiming what they were entitled too.


2 Comments to “>How can Labour genuinely argue against Osborne’s child benefit cut?”

  1. >What shit, the labour folk don't need to argue agaist these cuts, the tories are doing that themselves, as for the Libs, well what can you say, they have shot theirselves in the foot big time, who on earth is going to vote for them ever again. the fact is they are and always have been closer to labour than the tories,but have sold there very soul for a last chance of ever getting taken seriously again, the question is-how long will their pact with the devil last before they see the light? 5 years! I think not.

  2. >Why start on those worse off? stop paying winter payments to those that can quite easlily do without them-and those that live in warm counties and are ex pats should never had the winter payments in the first place.

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