>What is David Miliband thinking this morning?


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David Miliband will have woken up in London (not Manchester,) this morning and wondered where on Earth it all went wrong. Blair, Brown, David. That was the Labour line of succession. But no, like something out of a Disney movie the chipper younger brother has stepped up to steal the crown. Of course it could all have been different. He could have shown  the same courage his brother has by removing Brown and becoming Labour leader. He could possibly even be the Prime Minister now. He thought he was being honourable, be wakes up this morning defeated, with his career in the balance.

There are very strong rumours that come 5pm his name will not be on the ballot for the Shadow Cabinet, and that he will in fact step away from politics. There are undoubtedly many in the private sector and in Europe who would love to snap him up. Would this mean stepping down as an MP and forcing a by-election, just as the bruises are fading from the General Election campaign?

It must be said David has behaved impeccably in defeat. He couldn’t resist going full pelt in his speech to conference, showing them what they had missed, but what should he? Most people in that hall already knew what they had missed out on as leader. However, the Iraq/Harriet Harman moment managed to take some of the gloss of brother Ed’s speech. While most people would like the Labour party to apologise for the terrible mistake that was the Iraq war, David Miliband seems to have become the sole scapegoat still standing. As Stephan Tall points out today, Ed’s record on Iraq is hardly as pristine as he likes to claim either… We shouldn’t though be surprised by yet another deathbed conversion after his neat little about turn on tuition fees.

David will announce his intentions for the future later. It does though seems increasingly that the disappointment of falling at the final hurdle has proved to much, and that David Miliband is going to ride of into the political sunset.

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