>Labour looking to stick to their promise on AV

>There was rightly a lot of anger when it looked like Labour where going to back out of their manifesto commitment to support the introduction of the Alternative Vote for elections to the House of Commons. However,  there seems to be more positive noise coming out of the Labour conference, and Ed Miliband’s leader’s speech laid out that he would back both the introduction of AV, and a fully elected House of Lords. Both these things Labour failed to implement in 13 years of government. 

They had  previously tried to duck out of a key part of the coalitions political reform agenda, by claiming that the boundary review that is part of the same legislation is gerrymandering. However, at a recent event for youth political organisations in the US Embassy Foreign Office Minister Jeremy Browne, debating with Labour’s Chris Bryant MP: highlighted what a nonsense this argument is:

JB: “I’ve got 82,000 constituents in my constituency, how many have you got in yours?”
CB: “52,000”

Says it all.

One of the best thing Ed Miliband could do would be to make the Labour party formally support fairer votes, and end this opposition for oppositions sake.


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