>Mike Hancock MP facing police investigation


Picture courtesy of the Press Association

Liberal Democrat MP for Portsmouth South Mike Hancock is facing a police probe into allegations that he used his position to take advantage of a vulnerable constituent who came to him for help. The lady, who has not been named, claims that the MP took her to dinner at the House of Commons and showered her with gifts, including clothes, perfume, and a teddy bear he named after himself. Mike Hancock is also said to have sent the constituent intimate text messages after she came to his surgeries to discuss noisy neighbours, and the inadequate care she was receiving for mental health problems. 

Hancock denies all the charges, a spokesman for the MP said: “All Mike Hancock did was offer help and support to this woman. Mike Hancock has not been contacted by Hampshire Police or been informed of any formal allegations or investigation. He will of course cooperate with the police if they ever contact him.”

The story was reported originally in the Sunday Times, in which Mr Hancock stated that “under no circumstances” had any sexual activity taken place between  him and his constituent, and that he had taken her out to dinner at the House of Commons and bought her the gifts “to cheer her up”. 

Mike Hancock sits on numerous defence committees. He also recently voted against the VAT rise in the budget, along with fellow Lib Dem MP Bob Russell. The allegations were made to the police on September 24th, and the investigation continues.


3 Comments to “>Mike Hancock MP facing police investigation”

  1. >You have to wonder how our MPs leave themselves open to this kind of stuff. I guess its a lesson in government for us. We can no longer be quirky and have it dismissed as 'Oh, those quirky Lib Dems with the sandles and the beards', our MPs really need to consider not just the reality of something, but the appearance of something – Sad as that may be.

  2. >Looks like a classic Murdoch smear on anyone with the temerity to fail to doff their cap to Murdoch "values" (cf. Kennedy, Hughes etc.) The story, and its timing, stink to high heaven. I wonder whether there are News Corp operatives rifling through Bob Russell's bins as I type?

  3. >I'm with Tez on this one. It's a smear job. There's no point in trying to avoid these; they'll always find something to tar you with.

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