>Breaking news: Ed Miliband wins Labour leadership, the day New Labour died


Picture courtesy of the BBC

VN last night reported rumours that Ed Miliband would today win the Labour leadership, and those rumours have been proved correct. Ed has beaten his older brother to become the next Leader of the Labour party. He won an extremely close race that went down to a fourth round of voting. Ed received 50.65% of the final round vote, while David won 49.35%. A candidate must get over 50% to win. Tellingly, David got more of the MPs/MEPS and party members in those two sections of the electoral college, but strong union support took Ed over the line. 

There was an emotional moment as the result was announced, with the two brothers embracing each other closely. This continued as Ed then took to the stage, praising his brother warmly, before moving on to  the other candidates. He then declared “today, a new generation has taken charge of Labour”. The speech was clearly the beginning of a massive reunification project, the start of bringing together a party long divided. 

David Miliband was seen as the ‘New Labour’ candidate, and this ultimately cost him Ed was seen as a move away from the Blair/Brown era. However, with a return to a more leftist, union backed approach, and the new leaders continual reference to ‘the new generation’ those in the packed conference hall can say they were there the day New Labour died.


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