>The rise and rise of Danny Alexander


Chief Secretary at Sutton CouncilImage by HM Treasury via Flickr

It has been quite a steep rise for current Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rt Hon. Danny Alexander MP. Prior to being an MP he worked as a press office for a Scottish National Park, and was involved in the pro-Euro campaign. He now finds himself as number two in the treasury. Many Lib Dems, and even more Conservatives, despaired at the loss of David Laws to trial by Telegraph. For Liberal Democrats, it seemed their most credible economic force about form Vince Cable had just been squashed. With every day that passes Danny Alexander quells those fears.

His rise from Clegg confidant to genuine big hitter was demonstrated perfectly in his speech to conference this week. He confidently backed Government proposals, his proposals, and took responsibility for even the most unpopular decisions. In the ministers Q&A he looked very much at ease amongst long time big hitters Chris Huhne and Vince Cable.

The man that looks like Beaker from the Muppets is hardly someone you would have previously picked as a rising star, but perhaps that is to his advantage. He is has quietly gone from the man sitting next to Nick Clegg while he criticised his colleagues while journalists sat gleefully by, to being a key player who wrote the last manifesto, edited ‘Why Vote Lib Dem’, and now a vital coalition asset. Alexander has now positioned himself to be extremly influential in the months and years ahead.

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