>Virtually Naked supports Tim Farron for Lib Dem Party President

>The race for the Party Leadership of the Liberal Democrats has hotted up. Today’s notable additions to the race have been former MP for Richmond Park Susan Kramer, and current MP for Westmoreland and Lonsdale, Tim Farron. The post has become so contested since Baroness Ros Scott chose to not seek reelection, despite been fantastically successful in her year in the role. The position is the only one except that of Leader to be elected by the full party membership, with candidates requiring 200 nominations form across 20 local parties.

Baroness Scott will undoubtedly be a tough act to follow. Anyone who saw her in Birmingham marshalling the Special Conference can’t have failed to be impressed by her, and the pride in her voice at announcing Nick Clegg to the stage as Deputy Prime Minister was clear. She has contributed as much as anyone to the parties rise to Government. She demonstrated clearly that the role of Party President requires genuine campaigning skills, a strong media presence, and the human touch. On those counts there can really only be one winner to succeed her, and that is Mr Farron. As Editor of Virtually Naked, I am happy to say that I will be voting for him and backing his campaign.

In the recent general election (remember that?!) Tim Farron increased his majority from just 267 to 12,264. Yes, you read that correctly. He increased his majority by 11,997 in one election. Having lived next door his constituency for 3 years, I know how well regarded he is in Lancashire. Quite simply the man is a winner. In his impressive post this morning on Lib Dem Voice he promised to be a distinctive voice, promoting Lib Dem achievements in government. This is exactly what is needed at this time.

I am disappointed not to be able to support a female candidate in this election, and I hope one of the things Mr Farron looks at if he is successful is engaging more women to get involved and join the top ranks of the party. (Apart from Susan Kramer, blogger Jennie Rigg is also entering the race.) However, in this case I simply do not believe Susan Kramer can offer quite what Tim Farron can. 

A top team of Nick Clegg, Simon Hughes and Tim Farron, backed up by the likes of Lynne Featherstone, Danny Alexander, Sarah Teather, Jo Swinson, Vince Cable (and hopefully soon David Laws,) is an exceptionally strong one. I am happy to give Tim Farron my vote because I believe he understands what is necessary for the party now, and what will be required to take them moving forward into the future.

Charlotte Henry
Editor, Virtually Naked


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