>End of an era as Big Brother leaves Channel 4.


The last hour of Big Brother on Channel 4 will commence tonight at 10.30pm. Love it or loathe it, there is not doubt the programme has become a cultural icon over the last 11 years, helping to introduce the world to the genre of television misleadingly called reality tv. It will always be associate with the generation of people now aged 20-30, for whom it did define adolescence. The theme tune meant summer was here, and if the below video doesn’t make you tingle just slightly, you were probably born in the 1970s or earlier!

As was written on this very site at the beginning of the series, the original concept of Big Brother was exciting and innovative. Sadly the programme descended into a contrived farce when ‘nobodies’ armed with little more than an ego realised they could briefly be ‘somebody’ overnight. Except by series 11 nobody was that interested. There is talk that Richard Desmond and Endemol will agree a deal to bring the concept to Channel 5 but that remains to be seen, but perhaps its time for the diary room to be locked for good, and Big Brother to say goodbye with some dignity in tact.


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