>Is anyone still interested in watching England?

>England’s Euro 2012 qualifying campaign continues in Basle against Switzerland this evening, but even their impressive 4-0 defeat of Bulgaria on Friday doesn’t seem to have got people inspired. There is general apathy, and increasingly antipathy, towards the England football team. Not convinced? Just ask Tottenham fans what they think about losing their centre half, and often captain, to injury while he was playing for England.

It is not just about an awful world cup showing. It is not just because the manager isn’t English. It isn’t just about about John Terry, Ashley Cole, Peter Crouch and Wayne Rooney’s off the the field antics. It is the combination. Everything has conspired to make the three lions uninspiring, a distraction from the weekly brilliance of the Premier League. 

The problem won’t be solved this qualifying campaign either. The England revival project will take years of work, and may only succeed if England win the right to host what would be an excellent 2018 World Cup. Predictably though it is down to the players. English football fans need to see Rooney and Gerrard at their best, they need to see Adam Johnson and Tom Huddlestone turning into the top class players we believe they are. They need to see Theo Walcott look like he belongs on a football pitch not a sprint track. You know what else? English football fans actually need to see Capello celebrate once in a while too!

The general consensus seems to be people are not that interested in tonight’s game, making other plans or simply forgetting. The FA needs to address this issue quickly, before they lose an entire generation of English football fans.


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