>What will this parliamentary session bring?

>At 2.30pm today the House of Commons will resume business after its summer break. Tomorrow Prime Minister David Cameron will return from paternity leave. What though does the this parliamentary session mean for the coalition and the Labour party? 

The coming few months will see a new Labour leader elected, candidates for the London mayoral election declared, and the party conference season. In addition more details of government spending cuts will be revealed, and  their will be movement on the electoral system referendum (possibly as early as today,) so it looks set to be an interesting one.

The referendum to change the the electoral system will be a key moment in the life of the coalition. Should it fail, the Liberal Democrat ministers will find themselves under even more pressure from a grass roots getting increasingly queasy at spending cuts and bad poll results. The promise of the referendum may keep the left leaning ranks of party conference quiet at this party conference, but the future is less certain.  David Cameron’s approach will be very interesting. It would be hard for the Prime Minister to openly campaign for the ‘No’ campaign, as it would increase tensions within the government, however his deputy will surely be at the forefront of the ‘Yes’ campaign. No doubt the new Labour leader will try and make hay, playing the Oppositions favourite game of ‘lets show the differences in the coalition’. For what is worth, VN will be fully supporting the ‘Yes’ campaign.

Of course, the Labour leadership contest will finally come to end this month. The interminably dull contest has basically come down to a choice between the two Miliband brothers, with Ed Balls ranting, Andy Burnham pretending the ‘ambitious socialism’ isn’t oxymoronic, and Diane Abbot becoming an irrelevance. The winner will be revealed at Labour conference on September the 26th. 

The Labour candidate for Mayor of London will be revealed the day before the leader is announced. The race between Oona King and Ken Livingstone has only been mildly more interesting than the leadership clones race, with King holding her own against the tough old campaigner. Boris Johnson is assumed to be the Conservative candidate, while Lib Dem Voice point out that the waters within the Lib Dem’s are slightly more muddy. The party really needs to put forward someone who can not only help get GLA candidates elected, but be someone that people can actually see running City Hall. 

That’s before even mentioning George Osbourne’s comprehensive spending review, due out soon. It is going to be a hard balancing act for the Treasury team to tackle Britain’s huge deficit, without making the entire raison d’etre of the government spending cuts. 

All in all, its going to be a busy and interesting time for the politicos, hacks, and assorted hangers-on in Westminster Village.


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