>While Israel and the Palestinian Authority talk, Hamas threatens more violence

>Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmood Abbas have arranged for fortnightly talks to move the peace process forward, against a background of renewed threats of violence by Hamas. The two men spoke one on one, in English, at the US State Department, the BBC reports. 

This is simply the only way for the any peace process to proceed. Talks are the only way to secure peace and security for Israeli citizens, who have lived under the shadow of terrorism for too long, and the only way that a stable, viable and prosperous state so needed by the Palestinian people can come into being. 

Earlier this week the terrorist organisation Hamas killed four Israeli settlers in Hebron, to send out the message they will fight not talk. They have described the talks as a sham, and said they would not have attended had they been invited. With the summer silly season now coming to an end, the British political class have been strangely slow to condemn such attacks, and praise the peace talks.

The idea of fortnightly talks is a very encouraging development, if they stick to it. Meeting with such regularity has never been done before, and it may allow the two leaders two build a rapport and get some genuine progress. Of course it is also a massive gamble on the sides of both men, as well as an under pressure US administration, but the prize is a great one. 


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