>UKIP all at sea without leader

>The UK Independence Party have descended on Torquay for the party’s annual conference, without a leader. Former leader Jeffrey Titford has been elected UKIP Acting Leader, and will guide the party through the conference and election of a new leader.

The leadership contest was called after Lord Pearson of Rannoch stood down after admitting he ‘isn’t much good at party politics’. Pearson’s deputy David Campbell Bannerman has put his name forward to succeed him. Former Leader Nigel Farage posted on twitter that he will announce whether he will be a candidate for his old position in a speech that he will deliver to conference tomorrow. 

While UKIP are widely considered an irrelevance in Westminster politics. While their vote increased by 50% in the 2010 General Election, they still have no MPs and very little influence. However, they are the second largest British party in the European parliament, with members such as Farage and Marta Andreasen gaining influential positions. 

The party suffers from a chronic lack of professionalism. This has included incidents of some members standing against Eursceptic Conservative candidates in the recent election, despite the party leadership declaring this should not happen.  The new leader is going to have a lot of work on their hands to have the party taken seriously. A word of advice from VN, staying in office for longer than a year might help.


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