>Chris Myers resigns after malicious rumours refuse to die


Picture courtesy of the Daily Mail

One of Foreign Secretary William Hague’s Special Advisors has resigned their post, and Mr Hague has been forced to issues a statement saying ‘any suggestion that [Myers’] appointment was due to an improper relationship between us is utterly false, as is any suggestion that I have ever been involved in a relationship with any man.’

The rumours surrounding the relationship of the two men are based around the fact that they shared a twin hotel room while Myers was working for Hague as a driver on the recent election campaign. Most people would see this as an uninteresting, simple, arrangement. But no, blogger Guido Fawkes*, known to his mum as Paul Staines, as decided that this means the two men are engaged in a secret homosexual relationship. 

Now, Guido has not been at the peak of his powers recently, and unceremoniously dropped out of the MediaGuardian Top 100 earlier this year, but putting two and two together and making six is really pathetic. He claims that this story was about the fact the Chris Myers has no qualifications for the role, except for the close relationship he has with Hague. If  you want to write a story about political nepotism Guido go for it, but do not shroud it in pathetic school-boy innuendo. 

As a result of this story, Mr Hague has been forced to release information that his wife Ffion has sadly suffered multiple miscarriages, including one recently. Let us hope the couple can now get on with their life, and the Foreign Secretary can get on with doing his job, instead of denouncing pathetic rumour. 

While the silly season will alway remain so, perhaps journalists time would be better spent investigating the accusations surrounding David Cameron’s media chief, and his knowledge of phone-tapping while in his role of Editor at the News of the World.  

*You will noticed there is no linked to the original articles, Guido has had more than enough traffic in recent days!


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