>The Stig is…

>…racing driver Ben Collins apparently.

Picture courtesy of The Telegraph

The High Court has this afternoon overturned the BBC’s request to not publish Mr Collins’ autobiography, in which he claims to be the mysterious Top Gear driver. The producers of Top Gear argued that by revealing the Bristol born Ben Collin’s identity, the aura that is so key to The Stig’s brand has been removed. 

It is quite an interesting case, in that presumably Ben Collins wanted to defy his employers at the BBC and publish his book, or he would not have written it or agreed to a publishing deal with HarperCollins. It seems amazing that such an event is not explicitly covered in the contract of whoever is employed as The Stig. It must also be assumed that Ben Colllins will no longer keep this role, and will be replaced by a new driver, as happened when the visor was lifter off former Stig Perry Mccarthy.

VN does not suppose that this unmasking will significantly damage the ratings to Top Gear, which is one of the BBCs biggest successes both at home and abroad. 


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