>No. 10 Media Chief Andy Coulson accused in phone tapping investigation

>There was a moment of shocked silence in the Parliamentary Committee Room, in which the Culture and Media and Sport Committee was sitting, when it was announced that Princes William and Harry’s phones had been tapped by News of the World’s then royal correspondent Clive Goodman, and his associate Glenn Mulcaire.  Today, the New York Times has revealed that editor Andy Coulson not only knew about such goings on at his newspaper, but actively encouraged it.

Mr. Coulson now happens to be Director of Communications at Number. 10….

The investigation into the affair, conducted by Scotland Yard, has always been judged with some doubt as very few journalists were interview, despite being named. The new investigation claims many documents were removed by senior journalists when the police raided Goodman’s desk.

In the UK, only The Guardian have touched the story, yet… Have no doubt that if this phone hacking story has any substance to it, and a NYT investigative team have been working on it for months so their must be something there, the already controversial Coulson and his boss David Cameron will come under enormous pressure. The silly season just got serious, and we might find Number 10 digging for Spectator Political Editor Fraser Nelson’s number before too long…


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