>Betting revelations throw cricket into turmoil

>A peaceful and exciting weekend of Test cricket was thrown into turmoil after the News of the World printed allegations that some members of the Pakistan cricket team were paid to bowl ‘no balls’ at specific points in the game. Investigators from Pakistan will be in England to join Scotland Yard into looking at the allegations made against captain Salman Butt, Mohammed Amir, Mohammed Asif and wicket-keeper Kamran Akmal. 

While VN would not wish to pre-empt the conclusions of any ongoing investigation, the evidence seems pretty damning. The most worrying aspect is what has gone before, and will never be investigated? Were previous seemingly ‘freak’ incidents in the earlier tests actually paid for by a betting ‘Mr Big’? The betting markets in India and Pakistan are beyond what we could fathom here, you can spot bet on any incident for huge returns, and the less well paid cricketers from these nations are vulnerable to influence from big gamblers in their desire to make a quick buck.

The saddest case in this incident is that of Mohammed Amir. Amir is a massively talented 18 year old, but his career now hangs in the balance. If found guilty, he could face a life time ban. While such a punishment may be appropriate for the older, more experienced players, it would be a terrible loss to cricket to throw this young talent out of the game for good. 

Of course, one should not forget that while fixing incidents in a game is terrible, the match result was not, as far as we know, fixed. Furthermore, the upcoming one day series should go on as planned, but Butt, Akmal, Amir and Asif should not play while they are under investigation. 

In this test Lords witnessed one of the great battling batting partnerships as Jonathan Trott and Stuart Broad hit centuries to bring England back from the brink. Sadly, their achievements will forever overshadowed by the spectre of crickets latest betting scandal. 


2 Comments to “>Betting revelations throw cricket into turmoil”

  1. >I don't think the player's age should matter. If guilty he should never be allowed to play first class cricket again. The only possibly mitigating issue might be that as I understand it the Professional Cricketers Association in this country does have a system for mentoring young players so that they are properly warned about approaches from dodgy characters etc. If nothing like that is available for Pakistan's players then it should be.The saddest aspect of all this is – the citizens of Pakistan have been having a truly terrible time recently because of the floods and terrorism. Beating England in the 3rd test was the only good thing happening for them for a long time and now it has been ruined for them.

  2. >it's a bit like Cameron betting on David Laws return – it's just not cricket!

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