>Spurs make Champions league debut

>Tonight Spurs will make their Champions League debut, against Young Boys of Bern in Switzerland. Not much is know about their opponents, and after an impressive start to the domestic league season against Manchester City, Spurs will start the game as favourites. However, they must avoid complacency and the feeling that they simply need to turn up to win.

Harry Redknapp has said this week that it wouldn’t be a disaster for Tottenham not to qualify for the group stage. VN normally wouldn’t dare argue with Lord Redknapp of the Lane, but on this occasion he is wrong. Having got so far, Spurs must finish off the job and be in the group stage proper.

It will be interesting to see which player get a run out, after an impressive burst from Gio Dos Santos, and a rest for Nico Kranckar at the weekend. Expect Big Tom Huddlestone and Luka Modric to dominate in midfield, with the slightly slower European game suiting them down to the ground.

Now, VN is obviously a neutral and highly unpartisan news souce, uhum, but just for once COME ON YOU SPURS. (“your fired”, Neutrality ED)

Final Score: Young Boys 1 Tottenham  Hotspur 3


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