>Lord Pearson stands down as UKIP leader


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Lord Pearson has decided to stand down as UKIP leader. In a rare move for a politician he admitted his inadequacies, saying that he isn’t “much good at party politics”. He says that UKIP “deserved a better politician…to lead it”. UKIP undoubtedly consider their general election campaign to be a disappointment, as they failed to muscle into the mainstream.

It is hard to see who could become the next leader of the party, as none of the member have a particularly strong media profile. 

Inevitably people are looking at former leader Nigel Farage, 
who survived a plane crash on polling day. Mr Farage has 
said he is as yet undecided whether he will stand again or not.

UKIP could of course join the Green party and have a female leader. 
Marta Andreasen is currently the parties treasurer, and has a fairly decent 
media profile. However, she is an MEP, and the grouping in which UKIP 
sit, the European People’s party,  has previously blocked her becoming its vice-Chair.

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One Comment to “>Lord Pearson stands down as UKIP leader”

  1. >UKIP sits with the Europe of Freedom and Democracy group (EFD), not the EPP.

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