>’Must be the Music’ must be a hit


Sky1 have joined the reality-tv-music-extravaganza-competition market with ‘Must be the music’. Now hold back your cynicism, it’s actually quite good. Yes, it succumbed to a few of the same cliches with big panning shots across London, and a few good sob stories, but the original songs and live instruments gave an interesting new slant. Another new element is that the judges verdicts’ are delivered via the press of a button, before they have conferred, which adds some drama to the proceedings. 

The programme is presented by Fearne Cotton, and the panel of judges comprises of Jamie Callum, Dizzee Rascal and Sharleen Spittari. The dynamic of the 3 is quite good, with Jamie giving some musicianship, Dizzee adding a bit of humility and humour, as well as some harsh verdicts, and Sharleen being simply fab. 

While there are inevitably some terrible performances, the whole thing feels a lot less designed to humiliate than the X-Factor. It does actually feel like the focus is on the music, or it would if they stopped showing a reminder of who the judges are every 5 minutes.

Anyway, there were a few good acts, and a couple of rows between the judges so all is as it should be.  With the programme ready for a full on fight with X-Factor next week, we will see if its ‘real music’ line can hold strong against the Cowell machine. 


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