>Anti-Blair bile says more about detractors than him

>Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has announced that the profits from his new book, The Journey, will be donated to the Royal British Legion. It will be the biggest single donation the organisation has ever received.

Many have used this as an opportunity to Blair bash, calling the donation blood money. This seems to be disingenuous in the extreme. No, Blair doesn’t need the money. Yes, there is no doubt that Blair has a very personal guilt for a rightly unpopular war. However, it would impossible for a political leader of a nation such as Britain to enter office, let alone leave it, without having the upmost respect for the armed forces they had command over. Political feeling about the war should not degrade the generosity, sincerity, and necessity, of giving to this very worthy cause. 

The book was always going to be controversial, but criticism of this most generous of donations seems to say more about his detractors than it does about Mr. Blair himself.


2 Comments to “>Anti-Blair bile says more about detractors than him”

  1. >And this post says more about you than Blairs detractors.

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