>Review: Sleigh Bells ring at Rough Trade

>At about 4.30pm VN got a call: “how do you fancy coming to Rough Trade records to see some cutting edge electro-rock?” Oh go on then.

Upon arrival VN was greeted with the usual East London ‘scene’ of posh kids in charity shop clothes discussing music that mother really wouldn’t approve of, yuh. During the gig everyone was a little too cool to dance, but that didn’t stop a strong performance from a new and exciting band.

Sleigh Bells are male/female duo from the USA. They make the kind of noise that two people should really not be able to make. Their combination of dubby beats, overdriven guitars, and singer Alexis Krauss’ powerful voice kept the small audience enthralled. Krauss is an excellent front woman, not giving the audience an opportunity to take their eyes off her for one second as she spun around the small stage.

The band blazed through their debut album “Treats” in about 45 minutes. Live the album has an even rougher, punkier edge, and fitted the metal and bare brick wall of Rough Trade perfectly.

Not bad for a rainy evening in East London.


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