>Does Rupert Murdoch own the sky too?

>In a display of  staggering arrogance, Rupert Murdoch has today claimed that his BSkyB empire owns the ‘Sky’ in ‘Skype’. This emerged as Skype announced it is to float on the Nasdaq stock market. Skype points out that it has won the right to use its name in Switzerland, Turkey, and Brazil, but needs to fight Murdoch’s claims in the EU.

Now VN claims no legal expertise, but this seems entirely mad. Skype have a company name that also includes another word, which happens to be a another company’s name. And? There are plenty of other companies where this could be the case. To pretend that Skype’s name has any bearing on BSkyB is frankly ridiculous, and seems to be Murdoch throwing his weight around just because he can. 

Is he going to start suing the makers of ‘The Sky at Night’?  Does Rupert Murdoch now actually own the sky? Something worth thinking about for anyone wearing ‘sky blue’ clothing today, i’m sure you’ll agree…


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