>This year, there is only One feel good hit of the summer


Summer in clubland means a couple of things. The first is obviously Ibiza. The next, is the ‘summer single’. Many producers would give anything to put together the beats that become the soundtrack to the sun, but this year there is already a clear winner; Swedish House Mafia have released ‘One (your name)’ with the help of a certain Pharell Williams. The original is massively danceable, radio friendly (ask Fearne Cotton), and has a hook that embeds itself into your brain, permanently. The remixes (including VN’s favourite by Netsky,) take the best of the original version, and twist the track in a multi-genre beast that anyone can play. In short, it is everything that a summer dance hit should be. 

The x-facor that ‘One’ has over other summer singles is that it’s actually cool to like it. The three members of Swedish House Mafia, Axwell, Seb Ingrosso and Steve Angello, come with so much underground cool they are practically arctic, and have reputations built on years of credible music making/djing. Unlike  Samin’s ‘Heater’, and other similar summer bangers, this track will last long after the last cocktail has been drunk at the beach bar.

If you havn’t already, you may as well succumb now, this track is going to be everywhere. Resistance is futile!

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One Comment to “>This year, there is only One feel good hit of the summer”

  1. >This is truly awful – terrible autotune vox, BB style synth riff and a level of sophistication that should make it a surefire hit with chavs under 13. Unfortunate to see Pharrell wrapped up in this toss – I guess he needs the money. Regarding the concept – I try to catch peoples names prior to them ending my life…then again, I've never made anything this offensively weak, so attempts on my life are rare.You (and Fearne) may think it's "cool" to like it, but really that's a statement more about your perceptions than the music.

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