>Misjudging Simon Hughes

>Yesterday VN had the pleasure of spending a bit of time with new Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Simon Hughes. Although VN never officially backed anyone in the race for the Deputy Leadership,  for a variety of reasons its inclination was towards Tim Farron.

Now, this doesn’t happen very often so read carefully: VN got this completely wrong. This is not because Tim Farron would not have been good, he is an excellent and rightly popular MP, but because Simon Hughes is very, very impressive.  He is articulate, genuine, and very hard working. 

Watching Hughes on a panel at a British Youth Council convention yesterday he engaged the young audience without patronising them. He was also the only politician of the four to hang around afterwards and talk to some of the participants for any genuine length of time. 

While Hughes would have been an excellent Cabinet Minister, he may well be happier in this role of party custodian, and he will be a vital, independent, Lib Dem voice in the coming weeks and months. 


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