>Time for opposition policy

>In today’s Times Labour Leadership contender Ed Balls has tried to reignite his ailing campaign by claiming that the centre ground is Labour’s, and that Lib Dem are ‘cannon fodder’ for a Tory government and should simply be ignored. Well Mr Balls, that attitude cost you Government.

By definition the Coalition has the centre ground, it has to be there to survive. VN could also reel off a list of LiB Dem policy in action, but that can easily be found on the Liberal Democrat website.

Labour needs to be brave and provide a credible left wing alternative instead of simply spewing their ‘righteous’ anger, which is getting very boring very quickly. It is also particularly hypocritical when we have not heard one credible, alternative, policy from Her Majesty’s Opposition. In opposition the Lib Dems did not get away with that, so why should Labour?


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