>Burnham and Abbot rise above the clones

>Victoria Derbyshire’s 5Live phone in today played host to a live debate between the five candidates seeking to be the next leader of the Labour party. Prior to this debate VN had thrown its weight behind Ed Balls (rather sarcastically,) and more genuinely behind Ed Miliband (his living wage campaign is good, but it should have been done whilst in government.)  

However that all changed today. After hearing the debate the most promising candidates seem to be Andy Burnham and Diane Abbot. Now this may seem strange. Politically VN is an orange blog, (i.e. pro Lib Dems, and pro Orange Book Lib Dem,) and supportive of the Coalition. Despite not agreeing with much of what they said, only Burnham and Abbot have the genuine political convictions to hold the Government to account. They stood out against the Labour party generated clones, and eloquently argued a left wing ideology that clearly goes to their core. Whichever points one agreed or disagreed with them on, it was refreshing to hear. 

Anyway, to help you decide for yourself have a listen back to the debate via the BBC iPlayer.  


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