>And then there were two


From the Evening Standard

Constituency Labour Party nominations for the next leader of the Labour party have closed, and have decreased the excitement of an already dull leadership ‘race’ even further by essentially making it a fight between the two Miliband brothers. 

158 CLPs backed David Miliband, and 148 backed his brother Ed. Former Health Secretary Andy Burnham came third with 40  CLP nominations, Diane Abbott won 20, and Ed Balls came in last with just 14 CLPs nominating him. Ed Miliband  has also received the nomination of the three biggest trade unions. That said, David has received the backing of ‘bigotgate’ star Gillian Duffy! 

An already dull contest has turned into a pathetic fake battle between two  brothers vying for the leadership of party that has been entirely rejected by the British electorate. There seem to be almost no dividing lines of note between the candidates, very few new ideas, and an obsession of talking to themselves not the people who will decide if they will become Prime Minister in 5 years time. Except for those in the Miliband household, does anyone care anymore who succeeds Gordon Brown? 

The Labour party has become an introspective irrelevance, and this has been perfectly illustrated by those that wish to lead it.


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