>Griffin shall not go to the ball

>News has emerged that BNP leader Nick Griffin MEP has had his invitation to a party this afternoon at Buckingham Palace removed, as his was using the invite for overtly political purposes. 

VN is delighted at this news. While a ‘no platform’ policy prevents the foul policies of the BNP being properly shown up for what they are, Griffin’s continual crass grabbing of the limelight needs to be stopped. Unfortunately there was not much that could have been done to prevent the original invite, the party is for MEPs and sadly Griffin is one, but his gratuitous use of the invite has rightly been punished. 

Iain Dale correctly points out how bragging before the event that he was going to  represent “a million British patriots who vote for this party” shows what an amateur Griffin is.  If you give him enough political rope, he will eventually hang himself.

The fight against fascism is an important one, and one that must continue. Hopefully Griffin will quickly lose his seat, and we never have to see his smug face when he has to be invited to these things again. But until then, his idiotic behaviour has to be exposed, and punished.


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