>Taxi for Jack Straw

>For the first time since 1922 a Liberal Democrat leader answered the questions at Prime Minister’s Questions. It was a strong, if not Earth shattering, performance from Nick Clegg, but he easily out did his Labour opponent Jack Straw.

Rightly and widely respected, VN expected more from Jack Straw. Today though he muttered, stumbled and looked well past his sell by date. The questions on Forgemasters were predictible and irrelevant, the attempts to drive a wedge between the Coalition highlighted an immaturity that is all too common on the Labour benches. Bring on the memoirs…

By the end Nick Clegg was in full flow. Defending the Coalition, attacking Labour’s record of illiberalism, and restating the Government’s determination to remove troops from Afghanistan. It wasn’t as good as ‘that’ debate performance, he needs to get more succinct for next time, but the natural delivery style and confidence where in evidence once again.

The other thing to note was the shambles that Speaker Bercow presided over. Bercow resorted to shouting people down, and was not in control of the back benches. He even forgot how many questions Straw had asked, although perhaps he can be forgive for that!

Final score:
Clegg 6 Straw 2 Bercow 1


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