>Coalition Ministers’ soar in polls, with Lib Dems leading

>New research from PoliticsHome shows a huge level of support for the key figures in the Coalition government , with Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg and Vince Cable leading the way.

Deputy PM Nick Clegg was given a net approval rating of 17, compared to David Cameron’s 11. The PM and Deputy PM have a combined approval rating 39%, with only 22% disapproving of Clegg compared to a 28% disapproval rating for Cameron. They are both beaten by Foreign Secretary William Hague, and Justice Secretary Ken Clarke (who lets be honest is basically the 58th Lib Dem MP,)  who have net approval ratings of 21 and 19 respectively.

All these positive figures are outshone by Business Secretary Vince Cable, who has a 40% public approval rating, and only a 16% disapproval rating, giving him a net approval rating of 24.

Things are less rosy on the other side of the chamber. John Cruddas is the most popular Labour MP with a net approval rating of just 3 . Ed Balls, Peter Mandelson, Harriet Harman, and Yvette  Cooper are the 4 most unpopular politicians in the survey. 

People seem to continue to recognise the talent of David Laws, who had to resign from the cabinet after revelations about his expenses and private life, as he beats all the Labour Leadership contenders with a net approval rating of 6. 

This doesn’t look good for the naysayers, who thought the Coalition would collapse in the wake of a controversial budget.

A full breakdown and table of the results can be found on the PoliticsHome website.


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