>iFlop 4

>Disclaimer: I am a massive Apple fan, and swear by most of their products!

In just over two hours Apple will hold a large press conference to deal with issues that their new iPhone 4 has caused. The problems are well documented, and essentially boil down to the fact that the single declines when you hold the phone. Not very useful.

This is quite unprecedented for Apple. World renowned for high level design,  and easy to use products, this is the first time an Apple product has actually failed. The arrogant response of ‘you’re holding the phone wrong’ didn’t go down too well with Apple devotees either, who have always considered themselves part of a cool and elite gang.

It seems that Apple will not issue a recall on the iPhone4, and I don’t imagine for one second that this blip will  stop the magnificent Apple juggernaut rolling on forward, but it may cause them to pause for a second.

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