>End of an era?


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Tonight the last ever ‘Friday Night with Jonathan Ross’ will be aired. For many it will mark the end of a television era. For many others it will be a welcome change. No other modern broadcaster divides opinion quite like Jonathan Ross.  Personally I quite like the the Friday evening show. Ross may not be the best
interviewer ever, frequently more
intent on self promotion than revealing
anything about those on the opposite
couch, but the show is always a fun watch.

We all know that ‘Sachsgate’ was the catalyst for this move, but I am not sure no Jonathon Ross serves the BBC very well. They may be saving some money, but they will probably lose an awful lots of viewers too. The key of course, is who replaces Ross. To my mind, if the programme is going to be replaced by a similarly formatted chat show, Graham Norton is the only choice. A proper music programme, like moving Jools Holland earlier, would also go down well. Can such programmes really attract the levels of viewers Ross did though?

Either way, the decision is going to be critically for an ever under fire BBC.

So who do think can and should feel the big whole left by Ross’ departure?

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